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Our customers experience an average of 25% increase in yield and profit margins when out sourcing their mothering, and cloning needs to us.

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Clones sold in dispensaries are $30 per plant.
Commercial and Medically licensed facilities can contact us and order from us directly at a reduced rate and bulk discounts.
Bulk discounts do not apply to plants sold in stores.

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In Michigan, individuals can grow up to 12 cannabis plants as an adult. Although this may make it seem easy to start growing your own crop, it's actually difficult to find potent, high quality plants and genetics to start with. That why Exotic Nurseries LLC is proud to be a reliable and helpful cannabis nursery that serves all of Michigan and we're available 7 days a week to place orders.

Contact us today to learn more about our cannabis plants and services. We offer mothering, cloning, and tissue culture services. Our plants come in clone size(6-12 inches not topped), pre-teen size 10-18 inches topped once, and Teen size 16-24 inches topped two or more times.

When you buy plants from us, you'll get them in a soil-less coco coir(coconut husk medium), which prevents pest issues and maintains the integrity of the plant. We also offer plants in Rockwoll Cube Only by request.

Start your small farm with fully rooted clones

Finding the right strain of marijuana to grow isn't always easy. But, once you've found it you'll want to make sure the genetics are verified, and pathogen and pest-free. That's where Exotic Nurseries comes in with our experience and expertise in tissue culture remediations- reinvigorating the genetics, and mothering and cloning the happiest plants possible. Were the preferred supplier of fully rooted clones in Michigan, located in Jackson MI. When you grow plants from Exotic Nurseries fully Tissue Cultured mother plants you'll notice heavier yields, more cannabinoids, and higher terpenes.

We’re a top supplier of fully rooted clones in Jackson, MI. When you grow from a clone, your plant will have the same genetics and desired effects as the mother plant. We sell a wide variety of hemp clones. Want to learn more about fully rooted clones? Reach out to our experts today.

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We have over 25 years of combined experience in the industry, so you're sure to get superior service from us. Ask us anything, anytime, we
re here to help! We keep a large inventory of rooted plants. Check in with us 24/7 for an updated list of rooted inventory! But we also have some plants available for same-day purchase. Reach out to us today to ask about our inventory.

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Choose from over 40+ varieties of the best strains of cannabis for sale on the market. Utilize our Tissue Culture services to ensure you never loose a great strain, or use it to reinvigorate your stable of genetics. We supply clones, pre teens and teen sized plants all from fully tissue cultured mother plants. Start your garden off on the right root.