IPM Statement

At Exotic Nurseries were devoted to cleanliness in the garden to help produce healthy plants. Keeping our plants and our gardens clean is just one step we take to ensure the integrity of our plants and processes. We implement a four point protection plan that keeps our grow rooms and plants clean and clear of all pests. Beyond our standard IPM procedures we also use tissue culture methods for retaining our genetics vigor and health.

4 points of protection:

  1. Athena IPM (root zone)
  2. BioCeres WP (root zone)
  3. Regalia (foliar application)
  4. Predator Mites (foliar application)

IPM Disclaimer:
Once plants leave our care customers have 24 hours to report a problem and provide proof of the issue in order to receive a replacement or refund. We do everything we can to make sure plants are clean but we cannot guarantee anything. We will always do our best to take care of customers if they have any questions or concerns.