Retail Partnerships

Hey retailers, we have curated a program for entering our clones into your retail locations that is quick and easy to start and most importantly profitable and exciting.

Its very simple for the retailer, the CRA requires us as the grower to jump through all the hoops so you don't have to. We are fully licensed and accredited to sell immature plants in retail locations. Our plants do not require watering, cutting, or spraying and we replace and replenish each store on a 7 day cycle. Our program is fully compliant with the CRA.

Once you have agreed to work with us, we will schedule a date to deliver your display fully stocked with beautiful clones. The display will arrive with plants, and all of the Metrc manifests, and other documents necessary for the retailer to be in full compliance with the laws set forth by the CRA.

Contact us today to discuss the program and get started!